Stroppa straps are simple and elegant way to hold your camera.

Stroppa straps are a  great, hand-made, accessory for your camera. You can hang them on your neck or wrap around your wrist. You can use them anyway you want. Without any unnecessary elements it is you who decide how to wear them. They`ll always be comfortable and durable, irrespectively how you decide to use it.

Wrist straps

Neck straps

Battery cases

At Stroppa we care most about the experience of photography.
For us the sound of the shutter is the sound of satisfaction. It`s the moment you crave so much.
It`s the culmination of preparation, concentration and creativity. In this moment nothing is important,
only the image that you`re saving for later.
We want this moment to be undisturbed by unnecessary gear.
Make your own Stroppa

It`s up to you how it’ll look like. You are our final designer. We give you multiple options to make your strap truly unique.

Between different lengths, ropes, threads and colours we have over 7 000 different combinations of our straps!

And that does not include our limited editions  and custom orders 🙂

We design our straps to be minimalistic in form but at the same time to be the most usable and helpfull for the photographers.
We use only high quality ropes to make sure your camera is safe. We hand-saw it with saddle stitch – the strongest and simplest stitching technique known to mankind.
We use only real leathers and condition them with natural oils. All this to provide you with a strong and durable product.