Because Stroppa straps are made after you order them, they can be as long as you want them to be.

If the order form doesn`t have the length you are interested in just specify what length you want in the order comment section.

If you don`t specify desired length we go for the default 90cm.

We use real leather. The good kind 😉

For the main part we use 2mm vegetable tanned cow hides. They are very strong and tough.

We also use thinner and softer chrome tanned goat leather to protect your camera from scratches.

We`re working on it.

Right now all your orders are send with polish post free of charge.

It provides a tracking but only in Poland, if you`re from abroad then it`ll work until your package leaves Poland.

Will add more options (that include tracking) as soon as possible.

Right now all our straps are black but soon we`ll add more color options.

We`re working on giving you the ability to choose leather color, rope color and even the stiching color.

Please follow our social network profiles to know when those options will be available.

Our straps are designed to fit most cameras on the market.

They are perfect for cameras like Leica M, Fuji X etc. Those with the small mount.

In that case first put the small leather protector over the mount and then slid the ring inside the mount.

If you have a DSLR with the wide strap mount you still can use our straps but the leather protector is dispensable so when you order your Stroppa strap, let us know not to put it in. Or not 🙂 You can always cut it out.

Yes 🙂 If you can pay with Paypal we can send it there.

We`ll send it for free with Polish Post.

Soon we`ll work out a way to send it with international courier companies with full tracking. Then you will be able to choose free shipping without tracking or paid with full tracking.

If you still have questions feel free to contact us on: