• Battery Case


    The smallest camera bag you`ll ever need

    This handy, pocket-sized battery case can fit up to 4 batteries and 4 SD cards. The minimalistic design guarantees the exceptional comfort and functionality of the case. Just place the empy batteries/sd cards upside-down to know which one is empty. This easy-to-follow system will help you organise your daily work. Stroppa battery cases are hand-made of the highest quality natural leather with scratch resistant finish. They are designed to ensure the remarkable durability, due to the use of the unique stiching technique - saddle stitch. Strong and slick in touch, minimalistic and elegant. And last, but not least, small and extremely useful, Stroppa battery cases are meant to maximize your satisfaction during the photo-shooting experience, at all times.   Why you should choose Stroppa battery case: • It’s pocket-sized • Can fit up to 4 batteries and SD cards • Handmade of a strong, natural leather • Unique and highly functional design • Easy-to-follow system of organizing your work Compatible with these batteries: Fujifilm NP-W126/NP-W126s (Fujifilm X) Leica BP-DC12 (Leica Q) Other: BP-51 BP-DC12 BP-DC12-E BP-DC12-U DMW-BLC12 DMW-BLC12E DMW-BLC12GK DMW-BLC12PP
  • Key fob

    Simple leather key fob that you can open and clip on to your belt.
  • Once again in stock! Rudolf Set, this time in new, bigger version. Let us introduce to you limited edition of our high quality products in christmas reveal. Three rope straps, battery pouch and key ring are made of high quality and exclusive Italian leather that will warm up every winter session with its distinctive color. On the other hand, Fat, Flat and Wrist straps are made using our new Active Redrope. It is extremely durable, especially for active photographers. Whole set will be send to you in Christmas themed, limited edition sac! Let yourself be surprised and fall in love with our Rudolf Set!
  • Thick ropes and solid leather.  It`s tought and can carry any camera safely. Made out of italian vegetable tanned leather. Hand stitched with saddle stitch. This strap will serve you for years! Minimalistic design focuses on the pleasure of photographing.   Can`t decide on the length? Visit our length guide! Scroll down for more info.
  • Its new, lightweight construction is very durable and the strap is more flexible than any rope strap on the market. This allows you to carry your camera comfortably, no matter if you’re carrying a pancake or a telephoto. The main focus of the Stroppa Flat is flexibility. It’s aimed at the mirrorless cameras but can easily handle a medium format beast.     Can`t decide on the length? Visit our length guide! Scroll down for more info.
  • Stroppa Flat Wrist is an ideal solution for those who take pictures with small and compact cameras. The 35cm handmade strap, secured with hardened split ring, allows you to carry the camera freely on your wrist. This ensures that your camera is always at hand and ready to shoot. More images coming soon.     Can`t decide on the length? Visit our length guide! Scroll down for more info.